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  • T.E. Free Hugs V2
    27th Sep 2018

    T.E. Free Hugs V2

    Meet patch of the future! :)It’s TPU, Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Processed TPU that is molded resul

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  • Ernest Emerson Persian Tactical Folder
    4th Sep 2018

    Ernest Emerson Persian Tactical Folder

    One of my all time dreams was to do a project with my good friend Ernest Emerson. One of my fondest

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  • Be Hugged GITD Patches
    16th Mar 2018

    Be Hugged GITD Patches

    People loved our Free Hugs patches but we wanted to do something a little different.Please follow th

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  • T.E. Patch #4 The Viking
    2nd Mar 2018

    T.E. Patch #4 The Viking

    One ordinary mid-summer's eve, a little girl asked her father "What's Tactical Elephants? Who would

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